Miss H Collective launches its first Group Exhibition in collaboration with Oak Lodge Flashpackers.
Miss H Collective hosts travelling exhibitions in different cities, placing local Art in Local hangouts to spread the Love & Power of Art.
We encourage one to support their local artists.
Instant online Print Sales.
Show 1 planned for Cape Town launches this coming Friday:
Titled, Take Me Home, we host 8 talented artists who draw light on the power of passion and the effects it has on ourselves, others and our environments as a reminder to find that inner child-like joy, in whatever form that comes.
Participating Artists:
Aidan TØbias
Zach Lees
Ruby Lou
Tatyana Levana Borodov
Elie Benistant
Ruan Van Jaarsveldt
Jamy Silver
Luke James Kitchin
We celebrate another year.
We are all Miss H.
Live music by Zach Lees
Fully stocked bar, outdoor terrace, pool table, rooftop terrace, burgers on sale.
We look forward to seeing you all this Friday.
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